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A message from the Penkhull Residents Association

December 6, 2011

You may have probably seen at the junction of Gresty Street and Honeywall a large Staffordshire Blue brick block.  This is the support a marble stone similar to that at the top of Penkhull New Road which will form the surrounding support for a new historical sign to be situated at that location.

So why, you may ask? The sign is the last in a series of signs covering all the major roads leading to the village that refer to Penkhull as once being a Royal Manor.

 However, the new sign at Honeywall will have a double significance because evidence supports that the area in Honeywall (meaning hill fortress) could well be the entrance to the former Iron Age Fort as well as the ancient Domesday Village. The new stone memorial will reflect that fact.

It will be unveiled on Saturday the 10th December at 11.00a.m. by Sue Wainwright, the landlady of The White Lion Inn for over seventeen years.

 I do hope that you will be able to show your support to the occasion by being there to be a part of history in the making and sharing such a very special occasion with us.

Richard Talbot, Char,

Penkhull Residents Association

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